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Our Vision

We totally get it. Life’s short. You can’t be a #bossbabe and stress over shipping restrictions, or deal with dodgy re-sellers just to get your hands on that perfect lipstick or blush.

At Smashing Cosmetics, we research, review, and curate the hottest new beauty products on the market to help you cut through the noise. No more scrolling through hundreds of brands and trying to compare countless products; we keep it to a maximum of 20. 

Our pre-order sprees make participating in new or limited edition product launches a breeze, while lowering your shipping fees at the same time!

So join the #SmashFam revolution today alongside thousands of trendsetting fashionistas like yourself to get first dibs on all of the very best beauty hauls in the world!




How It Works


Join a Spree

It's easy! All you have to do is place your order before a spree is closed. Be sure to take note of the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) listed in the sprees. This is the amount of time it will take for your items to arrive in Singapore after sprees are closed. 


You've Got Mail!

Delivery commences once spree items have arrived in Singapore. Depending on the mailing option you've chosen, your haul could take anywhere between 1-5 working days to reach you. Kindly factor this into the ETA; we promise it'll be worth the wait!


#Tag Us

Have fun trying out your new toys and hashtag #smashingcosmetics in your creations! We'd love to feature your bold and glamorous looks, and who knows? You just might win yourself a sweet surprise if your pictures give the #SmashFam life.