What is a spree?

Smashing Cosmetics sprees are timed sale events that any registered user can participate in. Orders must be made within the stipulated time-frame, after which these sprees will close. Sprees may be one-off for limited edition releases, or conducted on a weekly basis if the product isn't
easily accessible locally.


Why don't you keep items instock?

More than 120 billion units of product and shipping packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry (view Zero Waste reports here), and cosmetic items often start breaking down within 6 months to a year even if they aren't opened, depending on the type of product.  

We are therefore committed to minimalist shipping packaging, as well as importing items only on an order basis in an attempt to increase shipping efficiencies, reduce wastage, and increase consumer safety. By combining orders and offering self collection services, we strive to help beauty companies and retailers decrease unnecessary shipping packaging and product wastage, as well as ensuring that items are safe and fresh for our users.

Though we may occasionally have a few additional pieces of a product available, this isn’t guaranteed, so it’s best to place an order within the stipulated time-frame to avoid


Which brands do you carry?

As we only import products based on an order basis, we do not have a fixed list of brands we support. We support products of good value/quality, regardless of branding. However, even limited edition items by established brands could be off the mark sometimes, and we cannot guarantee that all spree items will perform well after they arrive.

While we strive to provide as much information as we possibly can, please keep in mind that many of our sprees are geared towards fashion forward and experimental makeup gurus & enthusiasts who are willing to give the products of both established and upcoming
beauty brands/influencers a try.

If that’s not your style, you may want to consider skipping the new sprees and heading straight for the ones we conduct on a regular basis; these are the products loved by many, and have already been tried and tested!


Are your items authentic?

Yes, we take your safety very seriously. All products are ordered either directly from their respective companies, or through authorised retailers. No exceptions. 


Can I order from you wholesale?

We currently do not accept wholesale orders, as it is in direct conflict with our vision to reduce product and packaging wastage. Each customer is limited to ordering only 3 pieces per item. Orders that do not adhere to this requirement will be cancelled. We do not purchase products for resale; we purchase them on behalf of our users only after confirmed orders have been made. However, if you're located overseas and share in our vision, do contact us via email or via our contact form here. We'd be more than happy to help!


May I suggest an item for a spree?

Yes, of course! We'd love to hear from you. Simply click on the chat button at the bottom right of this page, key in the words "Suggest a Product", and drop us your suggestion. Alternatively, if you have multiple products you'd like to suggest, you may send us an email at info@smashingcosmetics.com. 

Please note that we do not offer sprees for items which are already available at local retailers. If we happen to list a spree item that you're currently providing locally, please do not hesitate to contact us. We won't bite, we promise! We'll either direct our lovely ladies to your store, or collect these orders for you instead. :)


Shipping policy?

You may find more details on our shipping and returns policy here.


Any other questions?

We try to update this page regularly. If you don't see your concern addressed here, please feel free to send us an email with your inquiry at info@smashingcosmetics.com. Alternatively, you may use our contact form here