5 Reasons Why Drunk Elephant is 2018’s Top Skincare Brand

You’ve probably heard about them, found their brand story incredibly endearing, maybe even tried a few of their products and experienced the promised improvements to your skin.

It’s no surprise then that Drunk Elephant’s products bagged several beauty awards this year:

You might be wondering: What makes Drunk Elephant so special? Well, let’s break that down for you in just 5 reasons.

1. Clean Ingredients

By clean, we don’t just mean ‘natural’. There’s plenty of misinformation out there when it comes to natural ingredients; not everything that’s natural is great for your skin.

One thing we absolutely love about Drunk Elephant though, is their unwavering commitment to formulate with only non-irritating, light ingredients that the skin can easily absorb and use to its benefit.

They utilise biocompatible ingredients that your skin will enjoy, while avoiding controversial “toxins” that are thought to negatively impact and disrupt our internal health. Going a step further, Drunk Elephant also avoids using the ‘suspicious 6’ ingredients they believe are disruptive to skin health and are at the root of almost every skin issue.

Without compromising on safety, Drunk Elephant uses the highest percentages of active ingredients at ideal pH levels, whilst blending them with non-sensitizing ingredients for clinically effective results.

2. Optimal Packaging

Source: @btyaly

We all hate purchasing jars and tubs of expensive product which seem to go bad or become less effective after just a couple months of exposure to air or heat. Thankfully, Drunk Elephant has that covered.

Their beautifully designed neon coloured and white packaging isn’t just for show.

Staying true to their ideals of formulating with additive-free ingredients, most of Drunk Elephant’s products (aside from their soaps and facial oil) utilise an airless pump technology to dispense just the right amount of product, while also protecting the contents from external contaminants like air, light and moisture.

This is great not only for preventing bacterial growth, but also for minimizing oxidation, keeping products effective for longer (up to 6-8 months) despite having natural ingredients included in the mix!

3. Application Time

Because Drunk Elephant has eliminated the ‘suspicious 6’ ingredients from all of its formulas, their products can be mixed together before application. That’s right, no more waiting for layers of product to be absorbed before continuing with your skincare regime.

Layering is typically necessary due to the use of silicones and essential oils in formulations; these ingredients make it difficult for subsequent products to penetrate the skin effectively, so layering the right products in the right sequence is vital to achieving your skincare goals. Miss a step, and your skincare routine could actually backfire on you.

With Drunk Elephant products though, you never have to worry about that. Each product comes with detailed instructions on how to use it, what products to mix it with, and where it can be applied for optimal results.

4. Flawless under makeup

When skincare is properly absorbed into your skin, the application of makeup becomes a breeze. No caking, or little lumps of product collecting in fine lines and creases. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

Because Drunk Elephant’s products are formulated for quick absorption, your skin just laps all of that goodness up, staying plump and hydrated; making it the perfect canvas for your next makeup masterpiece!

After a few months of using their products exclusively though, you’ll probably find yourself flaunting your gorgeous skin more often. But hey, don’t take our word for it; there are plenty of reviews from happy customers all over the world who will attest to the brand’s brilliance.

5. Genuine Transparency

Finally (and quite possibly our favourite thing about the brand), Drunk Elephant’s transparency about their products, the ingredients they use, and the endearing way they communicate with consumers has us convinced that they come from a place of genuine care and concern.

In a sea of beauty brands happy to sell products based on marketing and hype alone, Drunk Elephant actively encourages consumers to do their own research and seek more information on what’s best for them.

The company valiantly tries to help us cultivate great purchase habits such as closely scrutinizing product labels, and properly evaluating ingredient lists before buying into a product’s hype. Case in point:

This newly launched mini-set (with a full sized C-firma) by Drunk Elephant comes with an adorable little detective game, teaching us how to spot the ‘suspicious 6’ ingredients in all of our beauty products.

You won’t have to worry about using your favourite skincare go-tos together with Drunk Elephant products anymore; that is, as long as they pass the Agent Ellie test!

Ready to give your skin a clean break? Our Drunk Elephant sprees are here to the rescue!